Precautions for electric strollers

2023-08-25 09:57:08 浙江佳佳童车有限公司 Viewd 1378

1. Pay attention to the various switches of children's electric strollers that should be able to control the corresponding functions and have clear instructions.

2. The speed of the electric stroller should not be too fast (3-5KM/H is preferred) to avoid accidents when children are riding.

3. If the baby is still young, you should choose a vehicle with a seat belt.

4. Pay attention to whether the material of the plastic is environmentally friendly and whether the thickness of the plastic is strong enough to avoid cracking and hurting the baby.

5. Rechargeable batteries have good performance. The big difference between a good electric vehicle and a poor electric vehicle is also the battery's power storage capacity and durability. This is the same as an adult electric vehicle.

6. Gorgeous appearance is not the main consideration. The rationality of the design structure (such as whether the wheels are easy to fall off, whether there is a safe special charging hole, etc.), and the comfort of the baby's ride (the distance and height of the seat) should be considered in combination. Try to use it with your baby as much as possible.

7. Read the manual carefully before using it. Different cars have different rated loads, applicable age ranges, assembly requirements, maintenance methods, etc., and do not cause harm to children due to improper purchase or use.

8. When buying electric baby carriages, most people ignore portability. Since most people live on high floors and do not have a separate courtyard, if the car is too large, it is a very troublesome thing to carry. For example, when going out to play, the trunk of the car can't be put away. Due to its large size and heavy weight, it is not easy to carry it to the garden downstairs, etc., Which will reduce the usage rate of electric baby carriages.