Talent concept
Talent concept

Through the effective implementation of a talent introduction strategy, education training strategy, management promotion strategy, compensation and benefits strategy, and employer brand strategy, we will create an ecological environment for the career development of talents who work in jiajia, a study in jiajia, develop in jiajia and succeed in jiajia.

Talent is the most important wealth and motive force of the enterprise's long-term development, through the establishment of the echelon the selection of the talent training mechanism, fair and scientific performance evaluation mechanism, classify the system training mechanism, reasonable benefits allocation mechanism, building enterprise and employee long-term win-win benefit community, realizes the enterprise and staff grow up together.

  • 100000

    Factory Area

  • 5000 PCS

    Daily Production

  • 22 SET

    Production Line

  • 600 PERSON


  • Whatever you go, go with all your heart.

  • We should adhere to the principle of fairness, fairness, openness, competition, and job matching, attract people with the development prospect of the industry and the company, cultivate people with the platform of development career, motivate people with vision and goal, retain people with the open, inclusive and cooperative enterprise atmosphere, encourage talents to innovate constantly and step onto a broader stage.